PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer
PeeCock Gen4 - Packer

PeeCock Gen4 - Packer

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PeeCock Gen4 - Packer - 4 sizes

Size: length: 10cm, 12,5cm, 14,5cm and 16cm

girth 105 mm, weight 263 g

If you are looking for the ultimate prosthetic penis that delivers the most convincing performance as a pack-pee-play device, you will not go wrong with the latest addition to our PeeCock family – PeeCock Gen4. From the new movable outer skin to the floating testicles to the ultra-realistic vein details on the scrotum and the shaft, this prosthetic penis has lifted the bar pretty high for the prosthetic penis market worldwide.

Looking just like a bio penis when you pack, peeing with ease at the urinal, and performing handsomely when you play – this is a dream come true for every FTM out there. No prosthetic penis out there can even come close to PeeCock Gen4!


The PeeCock Gen4 is sculpted from three layers of premium medical grade silicone textures, which emulate the different skin layers. The outer layer of silicone is thin so that it can be lifted from the inner layer. Because of this ultra-realistic nature, the PeeCock Gen4 is not designed for rough use. Rough penetrative play or intense physical activity is not recommended as this may damage the outer skin. Please use with care and only purchase the PeeCock Gen4 if you accept the nature of the design.

Because of the intimate nature of the product, all sales on our store is final. No exchange, refund or returns for all shipped orders. A 20% transaction fee will apply to any situations where exceptions can be made.

PeeCock Gen4 | Product Features

Ultra-realistic appearance with vein details and floating testicles

Emulates the human skin with 3 layers of skin textures

Made with Improved blend of premium medical grade silicone from the US and Germany

Leak-proof with new spill guard

Patented funnel technology that allows users to expel urine effectively

Low maintenance as prosthetic can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water

8 types of harnesses available for optimal support

Can be used with the standard Gen3S Erection Rod which is bendable and has a pee-able hole

Can be used with the improved Gen2 Pleasure Rod which comes in three different options

Service lifespan is approximately 1 year

PeeCock Gen4 - 9,5cm | Why Choose This Size?


For those FTMs who value the ease of packing above everything else, this size is definitely made for you. Super easy to pack as well as stay in place inside your briefs, peeing is also a breeze to handle with this PeeCock size. Using this size for playing might not be ideal so if you prefer a bigger package down there, so you can always choose from one of the longer PeeCocks if this bothers you.


PeeCock Gen4 | Color Options


This PeeCock comes in 5 different realistic skin tones:


Light Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone)

Beige (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)

Light Brown (Suitable for Caucasian skin tone and Asian skin tone)

Moderate Brown (Suitable for Asian skin tone)

Dark Brown (Suitable for Dark and Hispanic skin tone)


The airbrushed skin tones on the PeeCock are absorbed into the medical grade silicone itself, and thus, the base color will not fade or run. The color details on the PeeCock Gen4 are airbrushed at the scrotum, shaft and glans. We coated the surface with a protective layer after airbrushed so that the colored details can stay intact. However, due to temperature changes when the product is shipped (cold and hot air), it can affect the durability of the protective layer and as such, some of the airbrushed paint coat may be affected after washing.

Our Packers are manufactured in your color after your order. They will be shipped in about 7 to 10 days after the purchase. All Packer will be shipped directly from Peecock.